SSX Out Of Bounds

SSX Out Of Bounds (51.1MB)

SSX OUt Of Bounce
It’s you against the mountain! SSX: Out of Bounds puts you in the boots of a flamboyant character that pulls all
the sickest stunts on a snowboard! Take on the challenge of a game that pushes the limits of reality to create a
gaming experience unlike any other.
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Be the first to cross the finish line in a high speed race or go freestyle and put your skills to the test. Can you
pull it off and defy gravity to go truly out of bounds with style? Huge kickers and sick rails await. Your imagination
is the only limit!
Complete tasks to purchase new gear and develop your character, or go head to head with your friends over the
wireless Bluetooth connection. Shadow Racing on the N-Gage Arena allows you to compete with gamers all over
the world.
- 10 unique and personal characters to choose from
- Classic SSX tracks
- Game modes include Race and Slopestyle
N-Gage Exclusive Features
- Multiplayer gaming for 2-4 people over the wireless Bluetooth connection
- Shadow Racing on the N-Gage Arena
- Trick tips on the N-Gage Arena
George's Review
A fun game , that concists of exciting moves.The game is 50 MB because multi player and Arena all work !!!
the game is even better in mulitplayer mode
Graphics : 7
SOund : 6
Gameplay : 6

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