Pathway To Glory

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Pathway To Glory
Pathway to Glory is a hybrid game of both real-time and turn-based mobile multiplayer strategy that signals the
dawning of a new era in gaming. As you move your troops across the battlefield, you are faced with a large numbe
r of possibilities; you can use a number of vehicles and types of gun emplacements, you can have your men crouch
and crawl to avoid detection, and more. You are even able to change the look of the battlefield by blowing up
objects and thus creating new paths for your men. Everything that is possible to destroy in real life can also be
destroyed in this game!
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The first thing to remember is that it's vital to have a plan and stick to it; otherwise, your men will have very
small chances of making it back alive!
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- Environments including Sicily, Italy, the Rhein and Normandy.
- Thanks to the Permanent Damage System, objects that you blow up stay destroyed! When you return to a battlefield upon which you have previously fought, you'll see the traces of your last fight.
- Historic accuracy: Several historians helped the developers capture the true WWII feeling.
- Realistic troop movements: The actual movements of hundreds of Finnish soldiers were captured during the development of the game.
- 22 weapon types.
- 14 different vehicles.
- Soldiers of 11 different nationalities.
- The hybrid turn-based game mechanism allows real-time battle activity as well as a revolutionary interrupt mechanism for an active defense.
George's Review
This game takes a while to get used tobut once you get it your off.
It starts out to be fun but after a few days I started getting really pissed off !!
Fun game to begin with.
People who like strategy games will like this !!!
Graphics : 6
Sound : 5
Gameplay : 6

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