ONE ( 26.7MB)

Time for something revolutionary... ONE is a new kind of game reality, a fighting game that will push the boundaries
of mobile gaming. Wake up those hidden fighter instincts and take the first step on the path to become a legend.
At the top of the global ranking list there is room for only one. To get there you must challenge fighters from around
the world, fight them in real locations and defeat them to capture their secret skills. True global ranking on the
N-Gage Arena provides the possibility for you to change the world order!
Reaching the ultimate goal requires patience, hard work and a dedicated mind, but the greatness of the goal will
make it all worth it. Are you a real fighter? Will you become the ONE?
1 2 3
Customize your character and enter the amazing 3D world to claim your glory. You can also battle your friend over
the wireless Bluetooth connection.
High quality 3D graphics, pushing the standards of mobile 3D gaming
Customize your fighter to match your personality.
Take on your opponents in real urban environments around the world
4 5
Two player head to head fighting over the wireless Bluetooth connection
True global fighter ranking on the N-Gage Arena
Certified Arena awards for remarkable achievements
George's Review
Now this is a game to get if you got space !!!I played this game till the end !
There's nothing you cant do here, you can even fully customize your fighter !!
Fun GAME !!
Graphics : 8
Sound : 8
Gameplay : 9

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