Nokia N-GAGE

NgageMy N-Gage
I HAVE A NOKIA N-GAGE ORIGINAL !!!!!! and I love it !!!!!!.
N-Gage kicks @$$, but they have stopped making games for it and now Nokia is starting it's new project SDK
( or somtin similar) which will provide better faster games !!! Lets' hope they dont take too long and lets hope
it happens !
I have the Nokia N-Gage With The White cover (like above pics) and a 256mb MMC card.
255mb Is enought space but i recommend a 512mb or 2GB MMC ( 2GB can give errors on Music Player).
Post anything you need to know about the ngage ( or any cellphone ,maybe i can help) And i'll help you if i can ,
I will help 99.99% of da time !!!!
Get postin
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