NCAA Football

NCAA Football (6.98MB)

NCAA Football
Emotional Upsets, Legendary Rivalries! No other football game delivers the spirit, atmosphere, and emotion of
college football like NCAA Football 2004. Celebrate the history of college football with classic teams like the 1924
Notre Dame Fighting Irish, or replay one of the 20 greatest college football games from the last two decades.
NCAA Football 2004 captures the pageantry of college football with:
New pre-game tunnel presentations
20 new mascots
1 2
Over 300 new team-specific and situational chants
Bluetooth wireless technology lets you recreate your favorite legendary rivalries
Team specific playbooks and action-packed college game play with tons of options
Season Mode: Follow the Top 25 polls, play the entire 2003 season and 28 Bowl Games including the Nokia Sugar
Bowl National Championship
Customize your entire game experience with My Favorite Team selections
George's Review
Wow I had fun with this game, it's a lil hard getting used to the rules and allin the beginnin
but once you got the hang of it ,it's GREAT !
Graphics : 7
Sound : 7
Gameplay : 8

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