Nokia N-Gage !!!

George's View
When nokia released the N-Gage , they set their sites on MOBILE GAMING !!! When the QD came out ,the only thing that changed was the size of the device, and the hotswappable MMC card, nothing much else.
The N-Gage has everything from Phone to PSP !!
The N-Gage is :
A Phone.
A Game Deck.
Music Player.
Mobile Internet.
Video Player.
Image Viewer.
And Much more With Apps !!!!!!!!!!!!!.
The only thing N-gage's cant do is take photos, and fly !!!!!.
Nokia's Very Long View
It's a game deck, it's an MP3 player, it's a wireless browser, it's a phone. If it's a Nokia N-Gage™ mobile game deck,
it's all of these and more. If you want to know exactly what's inside this little package, you're on the right page.
N-Gage is the ultimate mobile gaming device, featuring local and online wireless multiplayer capability, comfortable
controls, a high resolution display, and the power to pump out amazing graphics.And yes, the game pauses automatically when the phone rings.
The wide selection of games for the N-Gage features quality titles by top developers, including well known favourites
and amazing exclusives. Playable demos and free games are available for download, and all Java games are supported.
N-Gage’s design is optimized for gaming.
A comfortable keypad, a high resolution color display, and the automatic pausing for incoming calls allow you to concentrate on the essential.Log in to the N-Gage Arena and connect to the world of N-Gage gamers.
Enjoy online multiplayer gaming – plus everything a worldwide gaming community has to offer,
such as tournaments, news, downloads, chat, events tips & hints, and more.
You’ll find a global network of N-Gage gamers ready to chat or challenge you to a showdown.
N-Gage is made for multiplayer gaming, and you wont need ant cables or wires. Most of the games inclide
multiplayer options for up to 4 players via bluetooth technology.
The Nokia N-Gage™ game deck is good for more than just gaming; it's a tri-band phone packed to the max with
fancy features like a mobile Web browser, email, and multimedia messaging (that's a text message with an image
and sound). And there are more extras than you can count, including polyphonic ringing tones, handsfree
functionality, RealOne™ Player, and more.
Surf the mobile Web with the XHTML browser built-in to the game deck (XHTML over GSM data, HSCSD, and GPRS).
Make n-gage.com your first stop so you can get all the latest news on games, plus screenshots, tips, tricks, and
more when you're on the move.
Forget payphones. The game deck is also a tri-band mobile phone, which means it's wired for EGSM 900/GSM
1800/1900 networks, so you can make calls and check email from five continents.
The game deck has battery power to play up to 8 hours of MP3s, 20 hours of radio, and from 3 to 6 hours of games.
The game deck also has 3.4 MB of internal shared memory for images, contact data, calendar, messages, and add-on
For MP3 storage, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512 MB external memory cards are available separately.
*Please note: Some features are network dependent. Please check the availability of WAP services with your network
operator and/or WAP service provider.
The Nokia N-Gage™ game deck is a lean mean messaging machine, with email support as well as MMS and SMS
functionality to satisfy even the most hardcore txtrs.
Multimedia messaging (MMS) is the next step in the evolution of mobile messaging. The Nokia N-Gage game
deck can send, reply to, and forward messages containing an image, text, and sound, as well as play and stop
audio, insert multimedia content, and save images as wallpapers. Get the picture? You will.
Good news! Now you can check your mail when you're away from the computer, as long as you've got your
game deck with you. It supports email protocols including IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, and MIME2, which is a good thing.
Entertain yourself on the way from A to B with your own personal soundtrack. The Nokia N-Gage™ game deck
includes a digital music player and a stereo FM radio, plus a hi-fi stereo headset, a built-in loudspeaker, integrated
recorder, and the PC software you need.
The Nokia N-Gage game deck comes packed with a digital music player that can play MP3- or AAC-format tracks for
up to eight hours. The number of tracks you can store depends on your card and the size of the files - but to give
you an idea, a 64 MB MMC card will store about 1 hour of MP3s or 2 hours of AAC-format music.
Use the Nokia Audio Manager software and compatible your PC to load the tracks straight into
a memory card in your game deck (up to 512 MB; available separately). Just plug in the hi-fi stereo headset, punch the short-cut button to start the music player, and head out the door.
Movie trailers, music videos, game highlights, and more! Play video, music, and audio files stored in your game
deck memory, from a memory card, or streamed live from the Internet with the built-in RealOne™ Player.
Plug in the handsfree headset to tune in to the built-in stereo FM radio while you're playing games, surfing the
mobile Web, or sending a multimedia message. Browse using the automatic next/previous channel seek, or preset
up to 20 of your favorite stations.
Save that song for later with the integrated recorder in the Nokia N-Gage game deck. Make AAC format tracks
from the radio or from a CD using the microphone and an analog input, or use the voice record application along
with the built-in microphone to record your own voice to an AMR file.
*Please note: Music is copyright protected in international treaties and national copyright laws. It may be
necessary to obtain permission or a license to reproduce or copy music.
PC Suit
Get more out of your Nokia N-Gage™ game deck by putting more into it, such as PC Suite for info sharing between
the game deck and a compatible PC, or modem drivers to get you connected to the mobile Web. Use a Bluetooth
connection to connect to your PC.
Using the PC Suite software for the Nokia N-Gage game deck, you can share information between a compatible PC
and the phone, install software on the phone, configure phone settings, make backups of phone files, synchronize
calendar, contacts, and To-Do list with Microsoft and Lotus applications, copy and move image files on the
compatible PC and phone, and copy contacts and calendar information from another compatible Nokia device.
With Modem Setup installed on your compatible PC, you can use your Nokia N-Gage game deck as a modem for
PC access to the Internet. You can also configure your phone's data capabilities and transfer speed.

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