King of Fighters Extreme

King of Fighters Extreme (23.4 MB)

King Of Fighters
King of Fighters EXTREME is a highly anticipated title for obvious reasons. It’s the first ever fighting game designed
especially for the N-Gage, bringing you all the beat’em up action of the legendary series. The worldwide phenomena
that’s had fighting games fanatics hooked for years is now available in the palm of your hand!
Accept the challenge of the annual King of Fighters tournament, where the world’s most brutal fighter will be
crowned. It's all about three-on-three tag team mayhem! When one of your team is down, the next one steps in
and keeps going until the opposition is taken out. The story of the game is defined by the team you create, taking
you through the legendary environments of eight eclectic levels.
You can also battle your friends in multiplayer mode over the Bluetooth connection. The N-Gage Arena provides
additional features, such as worldwide ranking, unlockable levels and special fighting tricks!
N-Gage Exclusive Features
Two player gameplay via Bluetooth
George's Review
This game is really fun to play, and it's even better with 2 players.
I would rather get the game "ONE" , read bout it !!.
Graphics : 7
Sound : 7
Gameplay : 6

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