High Seize

High Seize (30.7 MB)

High Seize
Set sail across seas of adventure as Nokia and Red Lynx bring you another turn based strategy game, bound to
become a future classic. High Seize takes you to the 17th century Caribbean – a world of fearless sailors, wandering
explorers, ruthless pirates, and nations that fight for the riches of the New World.
You must embark on a mission to save your father from the hands of a vicious pirate captain. Your voyage will
lead you to huge treasure, fierce battles, conflicts between nations, fantastic characters, and perhaps even a bit
of romance… You will command units that vary from foot soldiers and cannon towers to rowing vessels and huge
Man-O-Wars with multiple gun decks. The simple and intuitive interface allows you to concentrate on building your
strategy, creating your own style of fighting, and sinking your enemies!
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The epic storyline combined with the fast pace strategy gameplay and advanced multiplayer options make High
Seize one of the most entertaining and versatile games in its genre. It’s suitable for a quick game at the bus stop
as well as lengthy campaigns. Multiplayer gaming can be enjoyed by up to four players as a hot seat game, with
Bluetooth, or online in the N-Gage Arena.
Turn based strategy combined with an immersive story and adventure game elements
Game modes for all kinds of gameplay, from quick sessions and tutorials to immersive campaigns
The wide variety of different units, resources and terrains provide endless combinations of offensive and defensive
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Vivid in-game graphics, animations, voice-acted dialogue, and high quality sound
Created by Red Lynx, the highly acclaimed developer behind Pathway to Glory
N-Gage Exclusive Features
High Seize is exclusively developed for the N-Gage
Multiplayer gaming for upto 4 players locally as a hot seat game, with Bluetooth, or online in the N-Gage Arena
Worldwide ranking and multiplayer matchmaking in the N-Gage Arena
Advanced communication features and chat in multiplayer mode
George's Review
The game just didnt look intising enought for me to install it and try it out !, So if you played it please send or post your review for others.Thakns
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