Glimmerati (50.8 MB)

Will you join the club? Glimmerati is a racing game like no other. A lifestyle of luxury cars, fast boats, amazing
parties and stunning supermodels can be yours. Join the game and live the high life as you race against the cream
of society to climb the ladder in Club Glimmerati.
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You are challenged to race against the fastest celebrities in the world. The extravagant rewards are something
ordinary people can only dream about. It takes more than just being an excellent driver to keep up with this
crowd. Life alongside of royalty, supermodels and celebrities has its distractions, but if you’re good enough
you may even lay your claim on the club presidency one day.
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From the streets of Milan and Paris to the serpentine roads of the Alps, Glimmerati takes you to the most
stunning places around Europe. Your awards, best times and diary entries will be displayed in your Club
Card, and can be shared with the world on the N-Gage Arena or locally via Bluetooth. You can also challenge
up to three friends for some multiplayer action via the wireless Bluetooth connection.
So, how famous would you like to become?
Fun, arcade style racing Story driven racing game,Branching storyline – take your individual route!
Multiple modes: Story, Quick Race, Time Trial and Multiplayer
N-Gage Exclusive Features
Glimmerati is exclusively developed for the N-Gage
Upload and download Club Cards, featuring best lap times, highest scores, rewards and diary entries
Worldwide ranking
Multiplayer gaming with Bluetooth wireless technology
George's Review
I installed Glimmerati on my N-Gage , at first I wasnt amazed but then I got tinto th game and really liked it !.
The 50 MB size was a upset , it takes up alot of space , I would prefer to put many other cool games than one cool game
Graphics : 8
Sound : 7
Gameplay : 7

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