Fifa 2005

Fifa 2005 (10.8 MB)

Fifa 1
The champion of all soccer games is back on the N-Gage by popular demand! Take control of the ball, your
favourite team and the best players of the world's most popular sport!
FIFA Soccer 2005 is the the only complete and authentic soccer experience, new and improved. Play single
games against your friend over the Bluetooth connection or beat the improved artificial intelligence. Challenge
mode allows you to replay and change the score of some of the greatest games in the history of soccer. The
true challenge however lies in evolving and leading your team to victory after victory in the compelling Career
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The next level of mobile soccer gaming is here with new levels of realism and fun! FIFA Soccer 2005 will have you
playing for hours and hours.
- Battle against teams from all of the major leagues around the world, or against the national team of any country of your choice.
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- More than 350 official licenses, including 20 international leagues and 10,000 real life players.
- Licensed chants bring the game to life!
- Customize the opposing team to match your own ability
- All new Challenge and Career modes
- Improved player control, animations and artificial intelligence
- Two player head to head gaming via the wireless Bluetooth technology
N-Gage Exclusive Features
- Up to 4 player head-to-head and cooperative gaming via Bluetooth wireless technology
- Unlock classic historical football scenarios at the N-Gage Arena
- Post highlights of your most memorable goals for the world to see at the Arena!
George's Review
As a soccer fanatic I was pleased to see Fifa 2005, all the best features of 2004 was brought in and new features aswell.
Fifa 2005 is still as fun as 2004. 2 PLayers gaming is available and still rocks .
And I'm still undefeatable lol.
Graphics : 8
Sound : 8
Gameplay : 8

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