Catan (10.5 MB)

Catan 1
In the age of discovery, many brave explorers set off across the oceans in search of a remote land never before
explored by humans. Their dreams soon came true, as they came upon a land with rich soil and resources. It was
not long until the news of this great discovery spread throughout the world, and soon many groups came to the
island, but only one could conquer...
Settle, harvest and build your civilization to dominate the island of Catan in the first hand-held version of the
classic, best-selling boardgame. Roll the dice to see what resources will be given to you, then put them to use
by building new roads, villages and cities. Place your settlements wisely, and with a bit of luck the island will be
yours! The captivating mixture of strategy and interaction make the game intense and instantly addictive. The
high quality graphics and attractive Japanese style illustrations guarantee that the game also stands out visually.
Challenge up to three of your friends to a multiplayer over a wireless Bluetooth connection.
Ten captivating characters, each with unique personalities
16 challenging missions, with up to 16 hours of gameplay in Quest mode
Addictive, classic turn based board game action
Attractive Japanese style graphics and characters
. 3 2
N-Gage Exclusive Features
The only hand held video game version of Settlers of Catan
Challenge up to three other players over a wireless Bluetooth connection.
Game modes include Multiplayer, Tournament, Free Game (single player) and Quest
Upload your high scores to the N-Gage Arena for the world to see
George's Review
Wow, the crapiest most boring game I have ever seen , I played for like 2 seconds
and nearly killed my self from bordem !!
Not recommended by anyone !!
Dont waste your time !
Graphics : 2
Sound : 1
Gameplay : 1

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