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Call Of Duty ( 29.8 MB)

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In the war that changed the world, no one fought alone. Experience the intensity of World War II's
epic battles through the eyes of unsung heroes from an alliance of countries who together helped shape the
course of modern history. Call of Duty™ has earned over 70 Game of the Year awards and 50 Editors' Choice
awards with its trademark cinematic intensity, epic battlefield moments, authentic WWII action gameplay and
intense multiplayer action.
Experience war from multiple perspectives - battling Nazi forces through eyes of
American, British and Russian Soldiers. Together with your squad, take on authentic combat missions across
the battlefields of war-torn Fortress Europe. Remember, your combat success will rely on a combination of
your own skills along with your ability to work together with your squad mates to accomplish mission objectives
and eliminate enemies.
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- Battle the Nazi war machine through 11 authentic combat missions
- Experience the war from 3 playable perspectives - American, British, and Russian.
- Begin your campaign as a US Paratrooper as part of the D-Day invasion of Northern France.
- As a British Commando, capture and secure strategic Allied military positions, such as Pegasus Bridge, or go on sabotage missions behind enemy lines.
- Finally, as a raw Russian conscript, join in the harrowing battle of Stalingrad. Survive and become a tank commander - driving the Nazi invaders back to Berlin.
- Take on enemies with an impressive arsenal of authentic WWII Weaponry, from M1A1 Carbines and Thompson sub-machine guns to MP44s and Kar98Ks assault rifles.
N-Gage Exclusive Features
- Download heavy weapons and lots of unique powerups in the N-Gage Arena
- 4 different multiplayer missions with unique maps
- Up to 4-player multiplayer deathmatch or team deathmatch as foot soldiers
George's Review
Wow, who would of thought of CAll of Duty , the game on the Nokia N-Gage !!!
It's Ludacris, i love this game kept me entertained for long, very amazing .
A must have if you like 1st Person shooters !
Graphics : 8
Sound : 8
Gameplay : 8

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