Asphalt Urban GT 2

Asphalt Urban GT 2 (21.8 MB)

Asphalt 2
Remarkable courses in the streets of 8 famous cities while you’re behind the wheel of 8 cars and two special
motorcycles: that’s Asphalt : Urban GT™2. The goal is simple—keep winning races to uncover new racing circuits
and vehicles, customize your hotrod, and make the Pussycat Dolls purr! Fly down the streets of Hong Kong, London,
Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, New York, Baghdad and Rio and discover circuits with very specific, individual designs.
The roadside objects’ 3D details intensify the speed effect and pull you into each course.
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. By letting you attempt astounding jumps and causing over-the-top spectacular collisions, these courses will satisfy even the toughest racers! But just wait until the tension steps up a notch. If you get a bit too dangerous (speeding, intentionally
crashing into your opponents, etc.), the police will do everything to stop you with wild pursuits, road blocks,
or even a chopper! For the first time on mobile phones, the cars have exceptional, truly amazing 3D renderings
that rival console racing simulators.
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As for the content, the Asphalt : Urban GT™2 garage will blow your mind.
Throughout the game, you’ll actually get to race these vehicles: Lamborghini Murcielago, Nissan 350Z, Mercedes
SLR McLaren, Dodge Viper SRT-10, Hummer H3, Aston Martin DBR9, Pontiac 1967 GTO, Golf GTI MKV, plus two
motorcycles—Ducati 999 R and Kawasaki VN 2000. Its intuitive gameplay will have you quickly taming these
beasts, each with specific characteristics and nitro stocks that will let you to blast off and leave your chasers
glued to the asphalt! Plus you’ll get to tune up your hotrod to make it look unique (modify the color, change the
rims, add on neon lights, etc.) and run like no other (boost its top speed, build acceleration kits, etc.)
George's Review
It's pretty much like ashpalt one .... lol
Download it and play it.The second Asphalt is better faster and funner.
A must have especially for 2 Players
Graphics : 7
Sound : 8
Gameplay : 8

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