Ashen (14.9 Mb)

Ashen is a supernatural horror-themed FPS developed exclusively for the N-Gage platform.
When Seven River City is plunged into chaos, stricken by storms and overcome with supernatural phenomena,
Jacob Ward is filled with dread and despair, like most others. Yet Ward knows more about this catastrophe
than most, and as its citizens flee, he must return to Seven River City and work to save it. Somewhere in that
half-ruined darkness is his sister, a woman Ward believes is responsible for this disaster; a woman who warned
him this would happen…
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- 3D First Person Shooter made exclusively for the Nokia N-Gage game deck
- Built to deliver fast-paced gameplay and terrifying enemy encounters
- Multiplayer gaming for up to four players with Bluetooth wireless technology
- 8 single-player maps (can also be used for multiplayer) plus 2 unique multiplayer maps
- Immersive environments from ruined cityscapes and spectacular cathedrals to an alien world
- Fight 7 unique and intelligently-behaving enemy types, including wall-climbing enemies
- Use 9 weapon types - from twin handguns to grenade and rocket launchers
- Unique ’Ghost Vision’ view mode to detect hidden/invisible enemies
N-Gage Exclusive Features
Brand-new FPS title created exclusively for the N-Gage platform
George's Review
A fun game , i had it on my phone for about 2 months.I will surely put it on again and play the whole game.
I liked the game features and playibility.
Graphics : 7
Sound : 7
Gameplay : 7
Long game , so its recommended to people with space on there phone and lots of time to play.

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