Alien Front

Alien Front (7.30 MB)

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Humankind believed in its own strength, its own resources, and its ability to be the master and not the slave. It
was wrong. Three-eyed alien forces known as the Triclops descended upon Earth without warning and preyed on
man, woman, and child - showing no more remorse than a snake swallowing a rat.When Earth fought back, the alien motherships picked our air forces out of the sky effortlessly. On the ground,the world's armies scored puny - but inspiring - victories. Not ow it's time for an all-out offensive. Are you the one to lead the emancipation of all humanity, or do you just taste good with a side salad?
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Play as human forces and save the planet, or fight on the side of the aliens and obliterate the human scum foolish
enough to get in your way.
- Training missions give you a specific goal and help you learn your way around the controls.
- Excellent graphics with lots of attention to detail immerse you in the game world
N-Gage Exclusive Features:
- Wireless 2-player Deathmatch mode via Bluetooth technology
George's Review
I installed Alien Front so that I could test the game , it worked and i was first amazed with the game
I played it for about 5 minutes and I was dead bored !!!!
Good game for 2 players only !!!!
Graphics : 6
Sound : 5
Gameplay : 5
Not a recommended game by many !
People who will like it, are people who dont get bored easily

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