It's All About The N-Gage

I HAVE NO TIME !!!! 5 DECEMBER 2006 !!!!!
Hello And Welcome To N-Gage World


(this should be your complete N-Gage set, if you have a N-Gage)
N-Gage set


In case you didnt notice , this site is MAINLY DEDICATED TOWARDS THE NOKIA N-GAGE !

This is how it works !!!!
You email me ( ) ask me something, or post it on the site ( if im not buzy ) I give you an answer !. It's that simple !!!
Please email me or post comments on what you want to see more of, and what improvments can/must be made.
We all just here to have fun
No download are kept on the website, all downloads are made throught links (I will test downloads)
Get Going And Have Fun !!
My Cars
( Thanks To All Your Support ( And Money ), I Got This up arrow LOL !!! )
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I.E You cant do S**T !!!!

Ur I.P !


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